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Arsenal proving their potential

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vermaelen arsenalFootball experts doubted Arsenal’s chances after somewhat disappointing last season but Arsene Wenger’s men have had pretty good start of the season. They are doing well on all fronts and everybody at the club are hoping to end the trophy drought this term. Premiership title race is definitely the priority but we also have a good chance to fight for trophies in all other competitions.

Probably the biggest reason for such a good results this term is Wenger’s decision to switch to 4-3-3 formation that is working like a charm. Song Bilong has been impressive as a holding midfielder and his excellent defending skills allow both full-backs and other midfielders to go forward without any pressure of being forced to return to their own half as soon as possible once the ball has switched possession. Fabregas and Rosicky thus have more freedom to roam forward and no wonder the Gunners are scoring so many goals this term.

The arrival of Thomas Vermaelen has added a lot of stability to usually shaky defence and he now forms a formidable partnership with William Gallas. It is interesting that the boss opted to use Van Persie as the tip of the three-man attack, but only because the Dutchman usually drops deep and creates space for his teammates coming from the wings and midfield. As a result, Arsenal are leading the soccer stats charts with 29 goals in 9 league games and the interesting thing is that no less than six players scored 3 goals or more.

The situation with injuries is also improving as Rosicky, Walcott and Nasri are back in contention and Wenger finally has big enough squad to cope with the busy schedule. He will definitely need all the key players fit if the Gunners are to challenge for trophies this season. At the moment, Arsenal are looking very good and the team are playing with a lot of confidence, which is a very important thing. The team are also very consistent and if they keep their current run of form, then anything is possible. All things considered, this looks like a promising season for the Gunners.

Arsenal - Wigan poem

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After giving the manchester sides a run for their money
success for them against the gunners was as sweet as honey.
All the toil by the gunners was to know was to no avail
as both united and city looked likely to be blown away by the gunner gail.
But all the gunners were left with were a couple of defeats,
leaving them to ponder over adebayor’s and fletcher’s deceit.
Then came the match for them against wigan
at home, it was a victory with which they had begun.
The match started amidst suspicions regarding the ability of the gunners
as the media had tageed them the chokers and the sinners.
The play began with arsenal playing with poise
soon there was a goal by vermaelen for them to rejoice.
This made the chances for arsenal flood
as the emirates looked like a menacing whirlpool of blood.
But all these opportunities not taken left arsenal miffed
as a comeback by wigan was sniffed.
The half ended in a few glimpses of goal for the opponents
as arsenal lacked the killer component.
The second half started for the gunners with a few chances
as wigan defence let the homeside make advances.
Then came in the fifty second minute the lovely piece of art
as vermaelen’s curler was nothing in greatness short of compositions of mozart.
Talking about these things grand and great
the gunners fans with their noise made the emirates reverberate.
But wigan continued to work hard unabashed
oblivious to the fact that against them,there more goals to be stashed.
As the gunners continued with their immaculate passing routine
their maturity showed as if they had had an overdose of protein.
As the professor asked for goals for his faith in lieu
Aresnal charged forward letting their attacks brew.
Soon the wigan defence was broken into chasms
which made the gunners brim with enthusiasm.
The situation made the fans know what to expect
the scorer for arsenal was unsurprisingly an unusual suspect.
As wigan waited for the storm to abate
their patience sunk them into dire straits.
As eboue’s goal was followed up by one by the skipper
the ruthless finish by cesc made him look like football’s jack the ripper.
The wigan players now in the midst of this raging blizzard
as they ended the match thinking it was their mistakes with which it was marred.
But the result left the future of the gunners miles away from doubt
as the match unquestionably was a single man’s bout.
Over is the game without any brawls
as arsene wenger’s team completed their succesful four goal overhaul.

Arsenal vs Blackburn

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walcott arsenalAfter inflicting on fulham a defeat
Gunners still have on ground their feet.
with the gunners form in the season robust
it looks as if this season will be the one which would quench their trophy thirst.
Progressing in their quest they play the team from ewood park
the young guns are very eager to make their everlasting mark.
This is the match played in the emirates
as the rovers hope for something to celebrate.
The battle begins with a roar from the crowd
the gunners extravagantly show off the talent with which they are endowed.
but soon the stadium was sent into maddening frenzy
as the first goal was headed in by nzonzi.
But arsenal look unperturbed despite the blow
as they let their imploring attacks flow.
Soon fabregas teed off vermaelen with the goal on his hind
vermaelen scored by acknowledging cesc for being so kind.
but the rovers came hard again for redemption
with arsenal vying hard for the goal exemption.
All the work by arsenal was undone
when the second was slotted in by david dunn
But blackburn was again left distraught
when cesc put van persie through to continue the gunners’ onslaught.
As cesc’s another flash of brilliance let arshavin make it three
with arsenal on a scoring spree.
The half ended at a lightning fast pace
the rovers thought they were much in the race.
The second half began with dunn coming under vermaelen’s tackle
as the unawarded penalty,for big sam was a debacle.
But soon arsenal resumed their attacks intricately woven
as fabregas’s stunning volley even undermined the brilliance of beethoven.
Time made the blackburn defence error prone
the young gunners instilled the belief in everyone that they had grown.
As arsenal decided to do a everton
Blackburn were left to rue the absence of brad emerton.
When finally on blackburn reality dawns
that they were inevitably going to be chopped like prawns.
they fortify there defence to save themselves from embarrasment
as they were on the verge of ending a night of absolute harrassment.
The vulnerability of the rovers made the eyes of the gunners gleam
leading to a fifth for walcott confirming that they were running high on steam.
The fluidity of arsenal’s game was absolute sacrosanctity
with fabregas looking an explosive entity.
But soon the arsenal skipper was subbed
after capping a performance which was very highly dubbed.
All that remained was the final nail in the coffin to be rammed
as the blackburn half was the one where all the players were crammed.
Soon the home fans became excessively hostile
as the blackburn players became helplessly motile.
Eventually the rovers lost their nerve
with arsenal looking as if they had another goal to serve.
Another goal on the horizon loomed
when the men in white and blue thought they were doomed.
Bendtner cleared the last obstacle from the oblivion of blackburn
the number of goals scored were as prolific as moons of saturn.
Finally, blackburn was spurned as badly as a cur
when arsenal taught the toddlers how to play soccer.

ARSENAL 2009-10 season so far

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wenger cuciARSENAL finished fourth in the BPL in the 08-09 season thus securing an opportunity to compete in the elite UEFA Champions League. This season is branded as the most crucial season for ARSENAL F.C and in particular for the Manager Arsene Wenger having gone four consecutive seasons without having won any major silverware. The critics and fans alike are hugely critical of Wenger’s Youth policy even though ARSENAL have been immensely competitive and delighted everyone with their beautiful passing game.

The 2009-10 summer transfer window will be remembered mainly for Real Madrid’s colossal spending spree as they splashed out 80 million for Ronaldo and 62 million for Kaka. This resulted in all the clubs increasing the price of their players on a relative basis and thus over-inflating the market. Arsene Wenger though had already set his eyes on the Ajax captain Thomas Vermaelen and brought him into the club to provide some steely resolve to the ARSENAL back four. The Transfer window also saw the departure of Kolo Toure who was the last survivor of the Invincible season and the hugely disruptive Adebayor, both leaving to Manchester City and ARSENAL managed to secure healthy profits from both the deals. Although the fans and pundits alike predicted that ARSENAL should buy another defensive player or two, Arsene felt that this squad was strong enough to compete for top honors and that was the last participation in the Summer Transfer period for Arsenal.

The pre-season games saw Arsenal employ the 4-3-3 formation and it was evident that the players enjoyed this change in formation which resulted in better attacking options and also a better defensive game as every player pressed for the ball from back to front. ARSENAL brought back the Emirates Cup to Ashburton Grove with an emphatic 3-0 victory against Scottish champions Rangers at The Emirates. Also the draw for Champions League qualifying round took place in which Arsenal were drawn against Scottish giants Celtic.

Arsenal kicked off the new campaign in blazing style and Everton were on the receiving end of a 6-1 thrashing. Arsenal combined stylish football with graft and determination to silence the critics who tipped the likes of big spending Manchester City and Tottenham to finish above Arsenal. Then there was a tricky away trip to Parkhead to face Celtic to secure a berth in Champions league Group stage which Arsenal won 2-0 thanks to two lucky goals. The first of which was an indirect free kick taken by the Arsenal captain Fabregas which deflected off William Gallas Back and found the back of the net while the second was an Own Goal by Gary Caldwell. Thus, Arsenal left Celtic with a comfortable 2-0 margin and the job half done having secured 2 away goals.

The following weekend saw Arsenal play their first home game of the season with ‘The Arsenalisation’ campaign on the way at The Emirates which saw a sea of Red and White of Arsenal supporters as free scarves were handed out to all the fans. Arsenal players produced a game that enthralled the fans by capping a 4-1 win over Portsmouth and Arsenal were well and truly on the way towards mounting a sustained title challenge for the Premier League.

The following week Arsenal had two crucial games. Celtic at home and an away game to Manchester United. The former game proved to be a relatively easy game for Arsenal with a comfortable 3-1 win over Celtic at home with the main talking point being Eduardo’s controversial penalty decision. Celtic were thoroughly outplayed by a far superior and determined Arsenal side that played with hunger and great passion. The weekend saw the biggest game of the new season with the two powerhouse teams lashing and Arsenal produced a superb performance at Old Trafford and were unlucky to return with nothing to show for their brillian display which saw Arsenal dominating possession for long periods of the game and a penalty not given, Arshavin scored a thunderous goal from 25 yards out and Arsenal went into half time with a 1-0 lead. In the second half Manchester United got back into the game thanks to a penalty and an Own Goal from Diaby. The Own Goal really seemed to knock the wind out of Arsenal’s sail as they struggled through the second half and were beaten in a gameadebayor van persie they deserved atleast a point.

Another away trip to Manchester, this time to Manchester City resulted in a 4-2 defeat to the Gunners in a highly emotional and exhilarating game. The low point of the game was Adebayor’s sickening stamp on Robin Van Persie’s face for which he was rightly banned for three games and his goal celebration that nearly sparked a riot amongst the Arsenal fans. Two consecutive defeats meant that all the ghosts of the past came back to haunt us and the critics got their share to talk and banter about Arsenal.

Next Arsenal had to face Wigan at home who were doing reasonably well under the New Manger Roberto Martinez. ARSENAL put the ghosts of the past behind them with another splendid display and winning by a comfortable 4-0 margin and all the bad memories seemed to fade away.

Then there was the Carling Cup third round fixture mid week against West Brom, a game that is highly anticipated by the Arsenal fans to watch the Young Guns play. A near capacity Emirates stadium witnessed an easy 2-0 win for Arsenal. The game saw the return of Vela whose introduction into the game in the second half turned the game around and also scored.

Next the Gunners were away to play against Standard Liege, in Belgium and things could not have started worse for Arsenal as they went 2-0 down in less than 5 minutes since kick off and this coming on the back of 2 consecutive defeats in the League and playing in the cold, hostile environment of Belgium many wondered if the Young Arsenal side could respond and bounce back instead of feeling sorry for themselves. Arsenal responded with the grit and determination that seemed to have been lacking and fought back to win 3-2 with a tremendous showing in the second half.

The next was a tricky away fixture against Fulham. The previous season Arsenal slumped to a 1-0 defeat at the Craven Cottage after a largely unimpressive display by the Gunners and it was games like these that prevented Arsenal from mounting a sustainable challenge for the Premier League as they failed to put away the mid table teams so as to say. Fulham were on the front foot right from the start and created many goal scoring opportunities and it was thanks to the rookie Goal keeper Vito Mannone that Arsenal managed to keep a clean sheevan persie dao golt and grind out a 1-0 win thanks to Fabregas’s vision and Van Persie’s excellent control and finish. This victory showed that Arsenal could win ugly and fight for a result when needed.

The latest game of the season witnessed Arsenal playing host to Greek Champions Olympiakos. A game which saw Arsenal pass through Olympiakos defence with great ease and were unlucky to go into half time scoreless thanks mainly to the age old Olympiakos stopper who was having a wonderful game. The second half saw more of the same as Arsenal pounded on the Olympiakos goal until a brilliant spell of passing ended with Van persie giving Arsenal the lead from close range and Arshavin added to the score with a deft back heel finish. This result means Arsenal top their group with 6 points.

Arsenal are definitely a much improved squad compared to last season and the new formation seems to be working well and the return of long term injury absentees Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo are an added boost who provide different dimensions to our attacking game. Arsenal have a record of being unlucky with injuries and so far this season Theo Walcott, Nasri and Johann Djourou have yet to start a game due to injury problems, with Djourou ruled out for the entire season. If all goes well then there is nothing beyond this Arsenal team and can win any game with their own brand of beautiful football.

Gunners - Toffees poem

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/This is Somya ‘deep’ expressing his grief for everton who just happened to be on the receiving end of the great english bash /

Gunners— toffees

Arrives saturday in the english town of everton
the Toffees fans anxiously wait for action.
Arsenal is the team which stands in opposition
beating them is a challenging yet tempting proposition.
When both teams enter the field
goals are the only thing which the crowd want the toffees to yield.
(the two succeeding lines are the best i have ever written)
As the battle begins in the midst of sea of blue
there are some stains of human blood too.
Finally, the match kick starts
prayer is it, to be a symphony of mozart.
Gunners enjoying possession in ample
sweat glands working overtime,sweat pouring from temples.
Toffees trying to free themselves off arsenal’s shackles
conscientuously putting in tackle after tackle.
As gunners continue with their act of arson
the first goal is thumped in by denilson.
In the middle of the pitch is the freekik conceded by baines
debutant vermaelen scores the second devoid of any pains.
Encouraged by the adversity everton toil forward
Cesc-gallas combination makes another ball fly past helpless howard.
The clock strikes half time as toffees gasp for breath
knowing that second half for them will be painful death.
Second half started for them a notch brighter
as they tried desperately to bring out their fighter.
Seeing the gunners go on the defensive
arsene wenger started looking pensive.
Agile on the counter and with a pass decisve
cesc registers his presence with a goal as arsenal’s passing game looks incisive.
Seeing their skipper score in style
suceess for the gunners looks just another mile
But the mile is not to be walked
issue is to be forced so that the toffees path of recovery is entirely blocked.
So the agitating gunners tear the pitch for completing the bash
thriving to add to their four goal stash.
Eventually cesc completes his brace
as the match comes out to be a single horse race.
Everton looking a tired bunch
sitting docile to take the sucker punch.
Seeing it come as if inevitable
the sixth is scored by eduardo leaving david moyes to babble.
At last for toffees comes the consolation
may god give peace to toffees in desolation………

please comment on this obituary of merseysiders

by: /Somya ‘deep’/

23 August 2009

Ferguson Admits That Fletcher’s Strong Tackle Was a Clear Penalty

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arshavin u 16Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that Darren Flecher’s tackle was a clear penalty though the referee did call it wrong. On speaking to the club’s official website Ferguson said:

“The penalty was a clear penalty,” he said. “With Darren Fletcher’s challenge, he got the ball. The referee was ten yards away and called it right. It was a committed challenge by Darren. If he was a fraction out it would have been a penalty, but I think it was the right decision, no doubt about it.”

Arshavin was tackled by Darren Flecher when he tried to enter into the six yard box two minutes before the halftime but the referee Mike Dean waved that it was not a penalty.
surprisingly, the camera pointed to Eduardo da Silva who is reported as had given a referee a wrong decision by diving into the penalty box on Wednesday’s Champions League play off against Celtic which the Gunners won 3-1 (5-1 on goal aggregate).
Video replays show that Arshavin was supposed to be awarded a penalty. As there is nobody to overcome God’s grace, Arshavin scored 30 secs after the incident before Rooney’s second half free penalty and Abou Diaby’ lack of heading experience which make the hosts to secure 2-1.

Therefore, everybody is now eyeing on UEFA body if it is also going to intervene by reviewing the video replay and turn on referee’s decision as it is doing for the Eduardo’s scene.

Mike Dean is not a very good referee. He was just flipping out cards up to the total of 8. But when Darren Fletcher wiped out Arshavin, he waved away as though the pair had just been cheering each other. If what I heard is true, that he is a Manchester United fan, and he shows it, then there is no reason for Arsenal fans to worry but think about next game.

Arsenal has quality this season and no matter what it is the end of their four season trophy drought. It is sad to see other people including the media playing a major role in preconceived notion against the Gunners the thing that will not help but get embarrassed at the end of the season due to the Army’s good outcomes.
Wenger must make inquiry for that game and justice should prevail. Gunners have tied with get biased and now is time to see what is really happening.

Imagine the following scenario

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During all the hussle and bussle of the transfer window a lot of gooner fans have, rightly or wrongly, complained about a list or problems as they see them. Why did we sell our striker for £25 million, why did we sell an invincible for £16 million and why did both go to a club who want to challenge us for our place in the top 4. Others claim it was good business but now lets go out and spend the £41 million on 2/3 players and solve all our problems. Then of course there are the fans who claim that everything is the fault of the board who are tight fisted, trying to get our club on a steady footing and competing at the top while our competitors rack up debts of hundreds of millions with little enough return to show for it.

Before we jump on the high horse and slam Wenger, Ade, Toure, Fiszman or Gazidis imagine the following scenario. Every second week you go to your teams home ground and pay your hard earned money to passionately support your football team. Mostly you win but sometimes you lose. Sound familiar, good keep with me. A few years back a manager from a foreign land takes over your club and promises great times. He gets a chairman and revolutionises the league as we know it. The cups begin to arrive and all seems right, your glad that your manager chose your club and not someone else. Then however the silverware doesn’t flow as free as it used to and things get a little anxious. The fans start to climb on the managers back demanding to be put back on top straight away. The manager decides he would be appreciated more in a different league and along with his chairman washes his hands of your club and leaves. The new owners have problems keeping their knuckles off the ground and before you know it your club is in massive debt, players start to leave to bigger clubs with more money and you wonder why did you ever demand so much so quick. New owners promise a new dawn but fall just as quick, your club is now in serious debt and the Inland revenue are knocking on the door demanding to be paid.

Now the days of continual competition at the top doesn’t look so bad. In fact knowing that your club will keep its very existence is a very welcome prospect, regardless of its league ranking or what league you are in. This might all seem a little far fetched but today at 12p.m. in an Irish High Court a company which owns the rights to a long standing and reputable professional soccer club were told to wind up and cease trading. Cork City F.C. are to be no more. They might seem like small fry to the big boys in the premiership but to people in Cork they are the be all and end all. Your club is your club and that’s what makes them special. The sum total of their bill to the revenue is €440,000 or approx. £375,000GBP. That’s less than we pay one of our top players for 6 weeks of football yet it is too much for a very proud team in a very proud sporting city. At the start of the coming season Cork City will have 12 former players playing professional soccer in Britain. Amongst them Kevin Doyle at Wolves, Shane Long and Dave Mooney at Reading, Roy O’ Donovan with Sunderland, Colin Healy with Ipswich and John O’ Flynn with Barnet. For John O’ Flynn read Thierry Henry, for Colin Healy read Patrick Vieira for O’ Donovan read Ljungberg etc etc. To put this into perspective imagine Wenger and Gazidis going to Spain because we wouldn’t give them support and then we sell 12 of our best players also to Spain. If that’s not enough the new owners run us into big debt and the following owners are no better all of which results in a chairman reading a statement on the steps of some court about how he is very sad to see the end of Arsenal F.C. and this isn’t how he wanted things to go.

The next time you go to Emirates take a minute and look at the magnificent stadium you now call home. Go inside and look at the talent playing in your clubs colours, and when you have done all that take a moment to thank your lucky stars that we have a manager who can not only get us to the top and keep us there but can do so turning heads and with one financial hand tied behind his back. When that is completed I suggest you show unwavering support for your club, your team, your manager and everyone who is contributing to get it into the healthy state it is in today. I dare say our neighbours down seven sisters road would swap places now if they could. For those of you who are doubters I suggest you click on either of the following links. One is to Cork City F.C., the other to Leeds United F.C., remember them. The moral of the story is things are never as bad as they seem.

Wonderkids or Wonder Why Kids

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During a discussion earlier today with a football loving workmate we were trying to distinguish between Arsenals many great nights in the Carling Cup. Did Carlos Vela chip Paddy Kenny first or Chris Kirkland and which was better. Who was up front with Baptista when we beat Liverpool 6-3 at Anfield and where are they now. When did that happen and how many of that nights starting team are now on the clubs first 11. Was it a false dawn or are we still on the brink of greatness waiting to take the final step. All this lead me to think at what point do you stop being a wonder kid and become a wonder. When does someone like Wenger sell you off and buy a ready made replacement and why is it because someone signs for Arsenal they are expected to blossom overnight but leave the club for the bright lights. Lights that have often dimmed pretty quickly leaving the player in question wondering why he ever left. If Wenger is to bring us back to the promised land of Premier League glory and to Champions League glory for the first time do we have to wait until last seasons Carling Cup kids catch up with the remains of the ‘07 class before we have more than 11 footballers capable of playing at the very top level. That’s not even allowing for a moneybags club like Chelsea, Barca, Man City or Madrid to take a finished article. I have high hopes for Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela next season and like all gooners can’t wait to see Jack Wilshere weave his magic, but if we are to wait for the rest of our current kids to progress as rapid as their predecessors (and that is a tall task) then one has to wonder why would the senior team do any better in the intervening time. Another 4 trophy less years is just too much.

For the record Almunia, Toure, Walcott, Fabregas, Song and Denilson all started that night in Liverpool. Baptista is plying his trade with Roma but sadly Jermaine Aliadiere is in the championship with Middlesbrough. The starting 11 in our last carling cup match were: Fabianski, Hoyte, Silvestre, Rodgers, Gibbs, Wilshere, Randall, Merida, Ramsey, Bendtner, Vela.

By now the debate as to whether or not Arsenal should have sold Adebayor has subsided and the topic of conversation amongst the press has moved to whom, if anyone, Wenger will choose to fill the strikers shoes. Marouane Chamakh still appears favourite however he has stated that he is progressing talks with Sunderland. This appears to be a ‘come and get me’ plea to Wenger before his hand is forced and he has to move to Wearside. One would think that were Wenger going to sign him he wouldn’t let Sunderland come so close to wiping his eye. Also consider the fact that Chamakh will miss an entire month after Christmas playing with Morocco in the ANC and the chances of him signing start to appear a lot slimmer. Also in the running is Andre-Pierre Gignac who was top scorer in last years Ligue 1 campaign. Having just got his first full international cap he should have designs on making the French squad for the 2010 World Cup. Proving himself in the Champions League and playing for a high profile team in the mean time would give his hopes of inclusion a real shot in the arm and of course playing with an array of French internationals at club level would only help to enhance his reputation should Raymond Domenech ask around for some informed opinion. The final candidate, and m personal favourite, to take over from Ade as the big man up front is of course Nicklas Bendtner. He has shown a lot of progression over the last 2 seasons and should continue that rise given more games to play and nobody’s shadow to live in. When you consider how little in comparison Theo Walcott or Abou Diaby appear to have progressed in the same time and also the fact that Adebayor only scored 2 more goals than Bendtner last season along with Wengers history for promoting from within then it’s a distinct possibility he will be the man come September and the next player to graduate from the Carling Cup to Premier League regular.

Ade bye

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And so with Ade bye or about to live up to his name another Arsenal career is coming to a close. One more person trades what he has for something else when all of us would trade everything we have for his lot. However, we still need to look at this with a bit of reason. If you came from Togo, which with all due respect isn’t Bel Air, then you too would want to increase your take home pay from £70k to £170k per week. Hell even the good folk of Bel Air would consider that a damn fine days work, especially when you still have time to live the millionaire lifestyle they are accustomed to. For my money Wenger wanted to keep the squad together but was then propositioned by a striker who said I’m off and a moneybags chairman who said name your price. What was he to do. Footballing wise it’s a bad move for Ade as he now has to contend with Robinho, Tevez and Santa Cruz for a starting spot. If he stayed he would be no.1 in a better all round squad with a better coach and he has traded guaranteed Champions League football for a possible shot at it.

Whether or not Huntelaar, or anyone else for that matter, comes in wouldn’t be my biggest worry. We all know Wenger will find decent players and improve them thus making the loss of Ade pretty negligible in the not too distant future. For me the biggest worry would be what Fabregas, RVP, Arshavin etc make of the switch. Did they think Ade was egotistical, overrated and overpaid or was he a friend and one of the world class players who was going to help them realise a lifetime ambition. Is his departure an ease to them and everyone in the dressing room or is it planting seeds of doubt in their minds as to why they are staying or who will be next on the selling lot. Do they look to him when they are sitting in the bowels of Old Trafford or Anfield with a deafening fanatical crowd and world class football team awaiting them or do they ask him to keep quiet because they have a job to do.

Questions, so many questions, but when will we know the answers. Monsieur Wenger, after yet another turn in the tale of your grand plan, your fans await with abated breath.