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Arsenal Daily News Fri, 12/07/2012 11:28 AM

Premiership rumours: Jackpot City to sponsor team

While the majority of the constant rumours that surround the biggest Premiership teams tend to be about the position of the managers and the players the clubs may sign - ultimately they would not be able to bring in top players without the revenue generated by the sponsorship deals. This is why the rumour currently doing the rounds that a Premiership team may be about to sign a new sponsorship deal with the gambling company JackpotCity (JPC) should be of interest to all those who support Premier League teams.

The identity of the club has not been revealed yet, but regardless of which team it is, if the rumour proves to be true it is likely to be a big-money deal. After all, online gambling is big business these days, and JPC is one of those at the forefront of this industry. The mutual attractiveness of the Premier League and gambling companies can be seen in the fact that the JPC deal would simply be the latest in a number of sponsorship link-ups between the two industries in recent times.

The developing relationship between online gambling sites and football is also reflected in the fact that these sites are looking to develop football-themed versions of traditional casino games to appeal to supporters – such as the Shoot and Game On slots featured at Jackpot City. This recognises that many football fans have always enjoyed a flutter, but prefer this to have some connection to their favourite sport, and these games could entice many of them to swap sports betting for casino gaming.

This requires them to be aware of the casino sites however, and the stats indicate that this is where sponsorship deals with Premiership clubs are so useful for sites like JPC. They also show that the clubs benefit, as casino sites attract millions of visitors across the world, which will enhance the global profile of any Premiership team enabling them to sell more merchandise around the world and increase revenue.


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