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Many die-hard football fans wouldn’t dream of going on holiday, or even travelling during the premier league season in fear of missing a game. In this series of articles I will show you some of the destinations you can visit with each team. This article will look at how Arsenal fans can watch their team while on holiday, each article in the series will focus on a different premier league club.

So you are an Arsenal fan that attends games regularly, but you need a holiday to clear your mind, or you want to take your husband/wife away somewhere to celebrate your anniversary. There is an option available for you to have your holiday and still not miss a live game. You can take a holiday in Europe during a Champions League week, and watch your favourite team play, the benefit of this is that you will actually get to experience what an atmosphere is like aswell (but still only as spectators). There are many great stadiums and cities alike in Europe that regularly get through to the Champions League. So you can cross your fingers that you get drawn against Barcelona (if you prefer a holiday over progressing to the next round), or even PSG and take your loved on on a trip to Paris.

If you want your holiday to be a little bit further afield, or even if you are travelling then please continue to read, for information on supporters clubs.

If you want to holiday or even travel around South-East Asia, there are many supporters clubs, you could take in the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of these amazing area of the world and still meet fellow supporters in a supporters club to watch the football. You may even be lucky to find that the TV in your hotel room has a sports channel that will show the game. There is a very big supporters club in Indonesia, contact information can be found here, in the region there are also supporters clubs in Malaysia and supporters clubs in Myanmar (often referred to as Burma), Singapore, Vietnam and even the Philippines.


Instead of giving you lots of information on the supporters clubs in South-East Asia, this article will instead look at another destination that many people like to travel around.

There are 3 official Arsenal supporters clubs in India, these are situated in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. New Delhi is the Capital City of India, and a good staging post to see nearby tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal in Agra, to contact the supporters club in New Delhi, please email [email protected].

Mumbai, often called by its previous name Bombay is the most populous city in India at 20 million people, and the 4th most populous in the world. As you can imagine, getting around can be quite an adventure, but this city is a must visit for anybody travelling to India. To contact the supporters club please email [email protected].

Bangalore, dubbed the ‘silicon valley of India’ because of the large amount of IT companies in the city.  This city has a unique feel in India of modern meeting old, and it is actually impressive. There is also a growing clubbing scene in certain areas of Bangalore. To contact the Bangalore supporters club please email [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, the first in this series. This list does not cover all of the supporters clubs for Arsenal. If you are travelling somewhere that isn’t mentioned, please message for details for that destination.

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