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Arsenal - Wigan poem

Oct 30th, 2009 | Source: | Category: Your view

After giving the manchester sides a run for their money
success for them against the gunners was as sweet as honey.
All the toil by the gunners was to know was to no avail
as both united and city looked likely to be blown away by the gunner gail.
But all the gunners were left with were a couple of defeats,
leaving them to ponder over adebayor’s and fletcher’s deceit.
Then came the match for them against wigan
at home, it was a victory with which they had begun.
The match started amidst suspicions regarding the ability of the gunners
as the media had tageed them the chokers and the sinners.
The play began with arsenal playing with poise
soon there was a goal by vermaelen for them to rejoice.
This made the chances for arsenal flood
as the emirates looked like a menacing whirlpool of blood.
But all these opportunities not taken left arsenal miffed
as a comeback by wigan was sniffed.
The half ended in a few glimpses of goal for the opponents
as arsenal lacked the killer component.
The second half started for the gunners with a few chances
as wigan defence let the homeside make advances.
Then came in the fifty second minute the lovely piece of art
as vermaelen’s curler was nothing in greatness short of compositions of mozart.
Talking about these things grand and great
the gunners fans with their noise made the emirates reverberate.
But wigan continued to work hard unabashed
oblivious to the fact that against them,there more goals to be stashed.
As the gunners continued with their immaculate passing routine
their maturity showed as if they had had an overdose of protein.
As the professor asked for goals for his faith in lieu
Aresnal charged forward letting their attacks brew.
Soon the wigan defence was broken into chasms
which made the gunners brim with enthusiasm.
The situation made the fans know what to expect
the scorer for arsenal was unsurprisingly an unusual suspect.
As wigan waited for the storm to abate
their patience sunk them into dire straits.
As eboue’s goal was followed up by one by the skipper
the ruthless finish by cesc made him look like football’s jack the ripper.
The wigan players now in the midst of this raging blizzard
as they ended the match thinking it was their mistakes with which it was marred.
But the result left the future of the gunners miles away from doubt
as the match unquestionably was a single man’s bout.
Over is the game without any brawls
as arsene wenger’s team completed their succesful four goal overhaul.

Arsenal vs Blackburn

Oct 28th, 2009 | Source: | Category: Your view

walcott arsenalAfter inflicting on fulham a defeat
Gunners still have on ground their feet.
with the gunners form in the season robust
it looks as if this season will be the one which would quench their trophy thirst.
Progressing in their quest they play the team from ewood park
the young guns are very eager to make their everlasting mark.
This is the match played in the emirates
as the rovers hope for something to celebrate.
The battle begins with a roar from the crowd
the gunners extravagantly show off the talent with which they are endowed.
but soon the stadium was sent into maddening frenzy
as the first goal was headed in by nzonzi.
But arsenal look unperturbed despite the blow
as they let their imploring attacks flow.
Soon fabregas teed off vermaelen with the goal on his hind
vermaelen scored by acknowledging cesc for being so kind.
but the rovers came hard again for redemption
with arsenal vying hard for the goal exemption.
All the work by arsenal was undone
when the second was slotted in by david dunn
But blackburn was again left distraught
when cesc put van persie through to continue the gunners’ onslaught.
As cesc’s another flash of brilliance let arshavin make it three
with arsenal on a scoring spree.
The half ended at a lightning fast pace
the rovers thought they were much in the race.
The second half began with dunn coming under vermaelen’s tackle
as the unawarded penalty,for big sam was a debacle.
But soon arsenal resumed their attacks intricately woven
as fabregas’s stunning volley even undermined the brilliance of beethoven.
Time made the blackburn defence error prone
the young gunners instilled the belief in everyone that they had grown.
As arsenal decided to do a everton
Blackburn were left to rue the absence of brad emerton.
When finally on blackburn reality dawns
that they were inevitably going to be chopped like prawns.
they fortify there defence to save themselves from embarrasment
as they were on the verge of ending a night of absolute harrassment.
The vulnerability of the rovers made the eyes of the gunners gleam
leading to a fifth for walcott confirming that they were running high on steam.
The fluidity of arsenal’s game was absolute sacrosanctity
with fabregas looking an explosive entity.
But soon the arsenal skipper was subbed
after capping a performance which was very highly dubbed.
All that remained was the final nail in the coffin to be rammed
as the blackburn half was the one where all the players were crammed.
Soon the home fans became excessively hostile
as the blackburn players became helplessly motile.
Eventually the rovers lost their nerve
with arsenal looking as if they had another goal to serve.
Another goal on the horizon loomed
when the men in white and blue thought they were doomed.
Bendtner cleared the last obstacle from the oblivion of blackburn
the number of goals scored were as prolific as moons of saturn.
Finally, blackburn was spurned as badly as a cur
when arsenal taught the toddlers how to play soccer.

Gunners - Toffees poem

Sep 2nd, 2009 | Source: | Category: Your view

/This is Somya ‘deep’ expressing his grief for everton who just happened to be on the receiving end of the great english bash /

Gunners— toffees

Arrives saturday in the english town of everton
the Toffees fans anxiously wait for action.
Arsenal is the team which stands in opposition
beating them is a challenging yet tempting proposition.
When both teams enter the field
goals are the only thing which the crowd want the toffees to yield.
(the two succeeding lines are the best i have ever written)
As the battle begins in the midst of sea of blue
there are some stains of human blood too.
Finally, the match kick starts
prayer is it, to be a symphony of mozart.
Gunners enjoying possession in ample
sweat glands working overtime,sweat pouring from temples.
Toffees trying to free themselves off arsenal’s shackles
conscientuously putting in tackle after tackle.
As gunners continue with their act of arson
the first goal is thumped in by denilson.
In the middle of the pitch is the freekik conceded by baines
debutant vermaelen scores the second devoid of any pains.
Encouraged by the adversity everton toil forward
Cesc-gallas combination makes another ball fly past helpless howard.
The clock strikes half time as toffees gasp for breath
knowing that second half for them will be painful death.
Second half started for them a notch brighter
as they tried desperately to bring out their fighter.
Seeing the gunners go on the defensive
arsene wenger started looking pensive.
Agile on the counter and with a pass decisve
cesc registers his presence with a goal as arsenal’s passing game looks incisive.
Seeing their skipper score in style
suceess for the gunners looks just another mile
But the mile is not to be walked
issue is to be forced so that the toffees path of recovery is entirely blocked.
So the agitating gunners tear the pitch for completing the bash
thriving to add to their four goal stash.
Eventually cesc completes his brace
as the match comes out to be a single horse race.
Everton looking a tired bunch
sitting docile to take the sucker punch.
Seeing it come as if inevitable
the sixth is scored by eduardo leaving david moyes to babble.
At last for toffees comes the consolation
may god give peace to toffees in desolation………

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by: /Somya ‘deep’/

23 August 2009