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Arsenal-Manchester United Prediction Contest/Preview

May 4th, 2009 | Source: The Arsenole | Category: Latest Arsenal blogs

Morning all. Going to be a quick one this morning as I’ve got some stuff to get done today to make sure I have my afternoon clear for tomorrow’s match. Everyone getting excited yet? I’ve been thinking about it since last week’s match on and off but I

Arsenal 3-0 Pompey Report

May 3rd, 2009 | Source: The Arsenole | Category: Latest Arsenal blogs

Hello all. Nice match yesterday wasn’t it? It’s great to see some of the younger players get a chance to play in the league games, especially when they take full advantage of their opportunities and we get a win. With everyone focused on Manchester

Ade, Do You Want To Stay Or Not?

Jun 13th, 2008 | Source: The Arsenole | Category: Top stories

All the reports I’ve read say that the price for Adebayor is 32 million quid, which I can’t imagine anyone paying for him. If the offer was for that much, I would say we should take it of course. I like Adebayor and wouldn’t want the team to lose him, but that is too much money to turn down.